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Free support

Counseling, language school introduction, procedure agency, and support before and during study abroad are all free . Since studying abroad itself is a big investment, we do not charge any fees so that the burden on international students can be reduced as much as possible.

Canadian Local Company

Since it is a Canada-based company , it has the advantage of having the latest amount of information and strong ties with local language schools. In addition, it will be a strong ally for everyone who can respond immediately if something happens while studying abroad.

Professional Advisor

Our study abroad advisors are all international students who have graduated from colleges and universities in Canada . Based on my own experience as an international student, I will give useful advice in real life.


We support international students from all over the world, so you can expand your circle of friends while using English at events.

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Immigration Consultant

We are a founding member of the Global Study Alliance and a representative of Canada . It is safe to leave the difficult cases such as visa switching, extension application, immigration application, etc. to the hands of professionals.

Our services

Language School

For 6 months, you can go to a language school with just a visitor visa.

Public College

A Canadian public college certificate is advantageous for immigration applications.

Co-op (Work & Study)

You can stay in Canada for up to 2 years.



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