Co-op Programs

Co-op study abroad is a study abroad method that allows you to study and work with a student visa and a work visa as a set.
It is a program of two birds with one stone that allows you to work while learning the specialized skills necessary for practical work at colleges and vocational schools, and to improve your skills while improving your language skills. It is popular with both university students and working adults.

Why Choose a Co-op Program?

You can work while studying

You can work part-time (20 hours a week) at the same time while attending school.

Canadian Certificate

After graduating from school, you will be awarded a certificate of education in Canada by the Government of Canada.

Can work Full Time

After completing school, you can work full-time (40 hours a week).

Can work for a local company

By working for a local Canadian company, you will gain full-fledged work experience and gain industry connections.

English + Professional Skills

By learning specialized skills such as business in English, your language skills will improve further!

No age limit

There is no age limit like Working Holiday, and you can study abroad at any time.

You can keep costs down

You can keep working for the duration of your visa, which saves you money on studying abroad.

How Co-op programs works

Depending on the course of the program, the first four to thirteen months go to college or vocational school to learn the specialized knowledge used at work. During that time, you can work part-time up to 20 hours a week. In the second half, I work as a full-time internship for the same amount of time I learned at a company related to the specialized field I learned at school, and gain practical experience.

Some schools have regular weekly holidays during which you can work full-time.

Popular Co-op programs

You can choose the program that suits your profession, such as medical office work, hotel business, accountant, marketing business, etc.

Medical Program

You can receive mainly health care programs such as medical office work. You will learn medical terms and administrative procedures necessary to work at the reception desk of a hospital Some schools also have programs such as pharmacist assistant and clinical research.

Main occupations:

  • Medical Office
  • Assistant
  • Clinical Research
Business Programs

It is a program that allows you to acquire all business skills from basic business skills such as sales, human resources and leadership to marketing and management.

Main Occupations:

  • Business owner / Entrepreneur
  • Marketing
  • Management
Hospitality Program

This program is popular with European students as it allows them to acquire skills related to customer service such as travel, tourism, and hotel business. You can learn about business contents, business management, accounting, law, etc. in various industries.

Main occupations:

  • Tourism
  • Hotel Industry
  • Customer Service
IT Programs

It is known as one of Canada’s fastest growing industries. Toronto and Vancouver in particular are known as cities with a thriving IT industry. By studying IT technology in Canada, you will have the opportunity to engage in cutting-edge technology and development sites, which will be of a great help in your employment after returning to your country.

Main Occupations:

  • Network support
  • System Engineer
  • Programmer

Program Application

Full-time student program schedule

This is just an example, but each program is offered for about two and a half weeks during the half-year course, and after each program, one week is closed until the next program starts.

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