George Brown College 
George Brown College
200 King St East, Toronto, ON M5A 3 W 8
King Station 
416 – 415 – 2852
Establishment 1967 The number of students 64,000 International students
Number of courses About 150
Recommended course · Business · Hospitality · Management · Tourism · Early Childhood Education
· Fashion · Jewelry · Building Technology · Performing Arts · Cooker

A college where employers are looking for candidates

Located in the heart of downtown Toronto, George Brown College is Canada’s largest college with many campuses. Founded in 1967, a college with diverse courses with one year college / university preparation course, distance education program besides occupation / skill program. Tourism (Hospitality & Tourism Center) has large-scale training facilities, and the number of subjects is the most various in Canada.There are also a variety of cooking related programs such as Italian cuisine advanced courses, food nutrition courses for nutritionists, sommeliers and pastries.

We are offering more than 150 programs focused on practice, which are offered in consultation with industrial and regional leaders, reflecting the requirements of the site, so you can master skills to become immediate workers. We also have a job support system including how to write resumes, interview courses and career counseling.

Popular courses are Business, Hospitality Management, Tourism Management, Early Childhood Education, Fashion / Jewelry, Building Technology, Performing Arts etc.

The main campus in Saint James is 10 minute walking from King subway station. Other campuses also have good public transport facilities. Museums and theaters are close so that you can enjoy city life while receiving cultural stimulus and have many opportunities for professional experience. Those who want to receive Canadian higher education in downtown Toronto where entertainment is popular, George Brown College is right for you!

Course Introduction

Business / Financial Services, which leads to employment in practical content at the heart of Canada’s economy, in downtown Toronto. George Brown is known for its enriched business course. Various programs related to business such as financial, accounting, personnel, general affairs, trade, management, sales, security, marketing, etc. are prepared for the course. The content of the lesson is practical. To the last Toronto companies to foster human resources to become an immediate working force as a primary principle, master the practical knowledge as a social worker with a broad approach, and through professional and practical knowledge through Co – op and various workshops , It is aimed at mastering experience. George Brown is also focusing on the Co – op program. Particularly adopted as a business / financial system program, it is obliged to have full-time employment experience for at least 4 months in the workplace related to the preceding program, master the contents that he took through work experience, It can also be written in a resume, and it also becomes a connection for employment after graduation.

Program with practical experience Community Services & Early Childhood In this program, the Early Childhood Education Program is most interested in you. It is a course that aims at the nursery school / kindergarten mothers and nuns for young children, it is easy to find stable jobs in Canada where the educational system is advanced, and it can be said that it is a program that is easy for employment after returning to Japan.

Many of the programs also include work placements as part of the curriculum. For example, in the Early Childhood Education Program, you will be given opportunities to work with experts at nine childcare centers operated by colleges and receive practical training.

Since it is a course with practical experience, it is a recommended program that is easy to tie into employment after graduation.

Newly built facility Young Center for the Performing Arts George Brown is the only College in Ontario College to build a professional school building to train actors and dancers and established specialized courses for actor training and performing arts . At the school building built in Distillery District, which is known as Toronto’s state-of-the-art culture, landmark of art, performances by students as well as classes are regularly conducted, not only learning but also full- I am aiming for learning through a concert performance. After completing the course, you can get a job in over 100 different Canadian theaters and entertainment productions, and indeed many graduates are active as actors and dancers.

Points of school!
School report

Chef’s House has been invited to the Chef’s House Chef at the George Brown and majoring in Culinary and Hospitality will be used as a place of teaching practice’s House is also famous shops as prestigious restaurants in Toronto. In Canada, even the most powerful people who are chosen as TOP chefs strive for a head chef, and servers and chefs are encouraged by the students who actually study at GBC (George Brown College) to gain experience. At the invitation from George Brown, six staff members were present for dinner, as well as a real story from marketer Ryan, we taught a lot of things until the summer event in Toronto, valuable It was an experience.


Voice from students

It is important to choose a field that is really interesting 
YH san 

1. Objective impression of the course that I got through
There are truly racial students in the school and the proportions etc are separated by class.

2. Personal Comment
I decided to go to college because I thought that I could only bring half-hearted language skills to Japan with just one year’s language study abroad.
I used the Pathway program as a proof of my English ability at the time of enrollment, but I also had TOEFL lessons till my entrance aim to improve my English proficiency.
Although the 1st semester was not as hard as I thought, it seems a little difficult from the 2nd semester. In addition, I felt a little shortage of English ability in college life after enrollment. Especially when you have to discuss with students in group work etc. The way of speaking peculiar to young people who do not clearly pronounce is still hard to hear for me who lacks listening skills.
As an advice to those who are planning to enter the university in the future, it is important to choose areas that are really interesting. I think that being a favorite field is a secret to keep studying.
After graduation I will get one of the Canadian accountants qualifications and I would like to work as an accountant.

Course list

School of Design
Art and Design Foundation 
Graphic Design 
Game Development 
Design Management (Postgraduate) 
Interdisciplinary Design Strategy (Postgraduate) 
Digital Design – Game Design (Postgraduate) 
Digital Design – Advanced Digital Design (Postgraduate) 

School of Fashion Studies 
Fashion Techniques and Design 
Fashion Management 
Fashion Business Industry 
International Fashion Development and Management (Postgraduate) 
Jewelery Essentials 
Jewelery Methods 
Jewelery Arts 

School of Performing Arts
Theatre Arts 
Dance Performance Preparation 
Dance Performance Studies 
Commercial Dance Studies 
General Arts And Science – Introduction To Performing Arts Careers 

Research Commercialization (Postgraduate) 

School Of Business Business Administration – Marketing (No Co-Op) Business Administration – Marketing (With Co -Op)Business Administration – Human Resources  (No Co-Op)Business Administration – Human Resources  (With Co-Op)Business Administration  (No Co-Op) Business Administration (With Co-Op) 

Human Resources Management (Postgraduate) 
Sport and Event Marketing (Postgraduate) 
Strategic Relationship Marketing (Postgraduate) 
Small Business Entrepreneurship (Postgraduate) 
International Business Management (Postgraduate) 
Marketing Management – Financial Services (Postgraduate) 

School of Financial Services 
Bachelor of Applied Business – Financial Services 
Business Administration – Accounting 
Financial Planning (Postgraduate) 
Business Administration – Accounting (no co – op)
Business Administration – Accounting (with co – op)
Business Administration – Financial Management (no co – op)
Business Administration – Financial Management (with co – op) 


School of Deaf and Deafblind Studies 
Assaulted Women ‘s and Children’ s – Counsellor / Advocate (Former C 107)
American Sign Language and Deaf Studies 
American Sign Language – English Interpreter 
American Sign Language and Literacy Instructor 
Intervenor for Deaf-Blind Persons 

School of Early Childhood 
Early Childhood Education (Consecutive Diploma / Degree Program)
Early Childhood Education 
Early Childhood Assistant 

School of Social & Community Services 
Career and Work Counsellor
Career and Work Counsellor 
Career and Work Counsellor (Fast Track) 
Child and Youth Worker 
Community Worker 
Social Service Worker 
Social Service Worker (Fast Track) 
Behavioral Science Technology 
Behavioral Science Technology – (Intensive) 
Autism and Behavioral Science (Postgraduate ) 


School of Architectural Studies 
Architectural Technician 
Architectural Technology 

School of Construction Management & Trades 
Bachelor of Applied Technology – Construction Science and Management 
Building Renovation Technology
Heating, Refrigeration and Air Conditioning Technology 
Construction Engineering 
Civil Engineering Technology 
Building Renovation Technician 
Heating, Refrigeration and Air Conditioning Technician 
Construction Management for Internationally Educated Professionals (Postgraduate) 
Construction Trade Techniques 
Apprenticeship Training (Construction and Trades) 

School of Computer Technology
Computer Programmer Analyst 
Computer Systems Technician 
Computer Systems Technology 
Information Systems Business Analyst (Postgraduate) 
Health Informatics (Postgraduate)
Wireless Networking (Postgraduate) 
Game Programming 

School of Mechanical Engineering Technologies
Mechanical Engineering Technology – Design 
Electromechanical Engineering Technician 
Mechanical Technician – Tool & Die 
Mechanical Technician – Tool & Die Maker  (Co – op Diploma Apprenticeship)
Railway Conductor 
Apprenticeship Training (Mechanical Technologies) 
Electronics Technician  (Distance Education)
Electromechanical Technician (Distance Education)
Programmable Logic Controllers (PLC) Technician  (Distance Education)
Robotics Technician  (Distance Education)


Pre-Health Science 

School of Dental Health 
Dental Assisting Levels I and II 
Restorative Dental Hygiene (Postgraduate) 
Dental Hygiene 
Dental Technology 

School of Health & Wellness 
Activation Co-ordinator / Gerontology 
Clinical Methods in Orthotics / Prosthetic (Postgraduate) 
Orthotic / Prosthetic Technician 
Fitness and Lifestyle Management 

School of Health Services Management 
Hearing Instrument Specialist 
Dental Office Administration 
Office Administration – Medical 
Health Information Management 
Health Informatics (Postgraduate) 

School of Nursing
Bachelor of Science in Nursing (B. Sc.N.) 
Practical Nursing 
Personal Support Worker 
Registered Nurse – Operating Room Perioperative Nursing (Postgraduate) 
Registered Nurse – Operating Room Perioperative Nursing (Postgraduate) 
Registered Nurse – Perinatal Intensive Care Nursing (Postgraduate ) 
Registered Nurse – Critical Care Nursing (Postgraduate) 
Registered Nurse – Critical Care Nursing (Postgraduate) 
Bridging RPN to B. Sc.N. for George Brown RPN graduates 
Personal Support Worker Pathway to Practical Nursing 


Hospitality Services 
Special Events Planning 

Chef School 
Culinary Skills – Chef Training
Hospitality Operations – Kitchen Management 
Culinary Management 
(Integrated Learning) 
Culinary Management (Co – op Diploma Apprenticeship) 
Baking and Pastry Arts Management (Co – op Diploma Apprenticeship) 
Baker / Patissier Apprentice 
Cook Apprentice 
Baking Pre – Employment 
Baking and Pastry Arts Management 
Culinary Arts – Italian (Postgraduate) 
Culinary Arts – French (Postgraduate) 

School of Hospitality & Tourism Management 
Culinary Tourism Management (Postgraduate) 
Hospitality Management – Catering 
Culinary Management – Nutrition 
Food Concept Management (Postgraduate)
Hospitality, Tourism and Leisure 
Bachelor of Applied Business – Hospitality Operations Management 
Hotel Management 
Food and Beverage Management 
Advanced Wines & Beverages Management (Postgraduate) 
Food and Nutrition Management


School of English as a Second Language 
Intensive English as a Second Language (ESL) 
Intensive English as a Second Language for International Students (ESL) 
Teaching English as a Second Language to Adults (TESL) 

Immigrant Education 
College Teacher Training (for Internationally Educated Professionals) (Postgraduate)
Research Commercialization (Postgraduate) 
Career and Work Counsellor (for Internationally Educated Professionals) 
Construction Management (for Internationally Educated Professionals) (Postgraduate) 


School of Liberal Arts & Sciences 
General Arts and Science One-Year 
General Arts and Science – Two- Year 
Assaulted Women’s and Children’s – Counsellor / Advocate 

School of Work & College Preparation 
Academic Upgrading 
Literacy and Basic Skills for Deaf and Hard-of-Hearing Adults 
Pre-Health Science 
Hospitality Services 
Pre-Community Services 
College Vocational
Construction Craft Worker Extended Training 
Assistant Cook Extended Training 
Redirection Through Education – Work Entry 
Redirection Through Education – For You