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With 300+ programs and 500+ career options, Seneca has many ways for you to pursue your goals. Whether you’re preparing for a career or further educations, we can help you achieve it. Our range of credentials and flexible learning options allow you to choose your own path of study and learn in a way that works for you.

Seneca offers a high quality programs at the degree, diploma, certificate and graduate certificate levels. We also offer a range of transfer options that let you use your credits to transfer info another program at Seneca or pursue further education at one of our partner institutions.

Centennial College

Campus Location

Progress Campus: 941 Progress Ave, Toronto, Ontario, Canada

Downsview Campus: 65 Carl Hall Road, Toronto, ON, M3K 2C1

Morningside Campus: 755 Morningside Ave., Toronto, ON M1C 5J9 

Popular Courses

These courses are conducted in  computer labs and half of the course consists of practical training practical training. Furthermore, we have weekly tests or assignments for each subject, and we bring it to the level where we can work immediately after graduation.


Business programs allows you to develop a solid grounding in contemporary concepts, theories and business practices that are related to the functional areas of the business enterprise. 

Centennial College’s International Business Management program ensures you obtain the key industry knowledge you need to successfully conduct business on a global scale in any international corporate environment.

This college business program offers a unique global perspective on business. Graduates must have knowledge of specialized International Business Management topics such as: international business law; international finance and banking; international marketing; international entrepreneurship and innovation; global business research and analysis; international business planning; corporate social responsibility and international development and business networking.



Centennial college offers a wealth of scholarships. The following link details the scholarship.


 Since insurance fee is included in tuition fee once a year, you do not need to buy it yourself.

You can check the Co-op program provided by Centennial college from the following link. Seneca college offers a rich Co-op program.


If you don’t have IELTS, you can also take the Pathway course or take a test from the school. Or you will have to take ESL courses provided by College.

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