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Awarded as the Best English Speaking School of Toronto . RCIIS also features a unique course called Cafe English. From the students of the working holiday who are thinking about part-time work as a guest at a cafe after graduating from a language school, we recommend taking a cafe English course. It is recommended to learn the minimum amount of customer service and business English necessary for working in a cafe. Recommended for those who want STAR (Stage Technique Accent Reduction) that incorporates a unique pronunciation training method using the utterance technique in theater and who wants to learn pronunciation close to native in a short period of time.

Characteristics of school

➜ At home environment where the distance of students is close

➜ Short term intensive course to attend

➜ English Only Policy is well protected inside school

➜ Specialized program is also substantial


Voice of RCIIS students

I was able to spend my school life meaningfully in a very positive atmosphere. The teachers were also very good, I made a lot of friends and got a great opportunity.
Paúl Cicerón
I like the curriculum of RCIIS. I soon got accustomed to a friendly and attentive school environment. I made many friends.
Ivan Serhijovych Bojko
The teachers taught me a lot of things. I would like to say thank you for giving me a amazing experience.。
José Alcocer


Campus Location

1992 Yonge Street Suite 200 Toronto, Ontario, M4S 1Z7, Canada

Recommended Programs

Learn the basics of North American business and economics. This course includes practical acquisition through group discussion and interview practice.

In addition to studying customer service English and practicing through role play, there are also practices for work holiday students such as resume writing and interview exercises. 

IELTS expert who teaches IELTS professionally for over 15 years will be teaching this course! The lessons will be taught in efficient manner and everyone will be given equal attention so that students’ scores can be improved within the course period.