"Community college vs Private College in Canada"

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Community Colleges vs Private Colleges

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What are the different colleges in Canada?

Introduction Canada has become one of the most sought over study destinations in the world as it has become renowned for its high-quality education system. Thousands of international students’ flock to Canada every year to study in the country’s colleges. However, many are not aware of the different colleges in Canada. There are mainly two types of colleges in Canada: Community colleges and Private colleges. In this article, we aim to cover the major differences between these colleges. The different types of programs which colleges in Canada offer are: Post-secondary diplomas Post-secondary certificates Post-graduate diplomas or certificates (i.e. you are eligible only if you complete a higher education program first) Short-term training and crash courses Skills trades training (e.g. welding, plumbing, etc.) Prep courses for professional licences exams Bachelor’s degree programs (under the supervision or with the collaboration of a university) English as a Second Language (ESL) training French language training Community Colleges in Canada     The community colleges in Canada are financially support by the Canadian government. They may receive funds from the federal government or other sources. Since these colleges receive external funding, the fees is often lesser than other private institutes. Private Colleges in Canada Private colleges do not receive funds from the federal or provincial governments. They rely purely on tuition fees paid by students. Most provinces use rigorous procedures to accredit these colleges. Private colleges are usually smaller than community colleges and more expensive for local students. Private colleges in the province of Ontario are called Private Career Colleges (PCC) as they are focused on skills development for specific career opportunities. Major Differences Between Community and Private Colleges The following list compares community and private colleges from different angles for international students.   Tuition Deposit: Community colleges are usually cheaper options as compared to private colleges. However, for international student’s there’s not much difference between the tuition fees. Some private colleges are cheaper than a community colleges. Class sizes: The class sizes in private colleges are much less indicating more individual attention and personalized teaching facilities to students. Length of education: Many private colleges offer shorter programs than community colleges without compromising on the quality of education. This approach helps save student’s time. The shorter education time is a huge plus for international students who save considerable amounts on living and rental costs in Canada. Admission: It’s easier to get into a private college as they’re more eager to take students as compared to public colleges. Designation by the.....