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Study in Canada

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Study Permit In Canada Did you enter as a tourist; liked Canada and wish to get a study permit? Well, that is absolutely possible. Study Permit is  the immigration document issued by the Government of Canada. It can extend your stay in Canada. And it also enables you to study at the top colleges in Canada.    Confused about whether you need to go back to your home country for the application process? Certainly not, you can extend your visitor visa to a study visa right here in Canada.   Are you applying for a study permit within Canada? Here are a few good things to know. If you opt for a full-time program, you can be eligible to work part-time. You can also work full-time (up to 40 hours a week) during scheduled study breaks. Your spouse is likely to be eligible for an open work permit that ensures employment within Canada. Your children too, can avail Canadian education at primary and secondary level without the need for a study permit. Studying in Canada is the pathway to becoming a permanent resident in Canada. Your Canadian education and work experience can provide your family with continued status. Applying for it is a tedious task involving several steps in the process. Availing the Letter of Acceptance from an educational institute to filling up forms, can be overwhelming! So, why not leave the hassle to experts who know exactly what needs to be done effectively. Our counselors will guide you step by step and take care of the process ensuring a seamless process. Contact us for free consultation at      647-264-0522.   Talk to Our Admission Advisor Simran 647-264-0522 Official ADM WhatsApp Admission Hub – Canada’s leading Education & Visa firm Helped 3000+ students | 15 languages | 3 ICCRC immigration consultants | Highly Experienced Team | 35 Team Members Our Consultants are experts of Immigration needs of International students in Canada and will be happy to help you! ICCRC federal visa immigration consultant, immigrants studying abroad are more secure! Contact Us : 647-264-0522 Visit Us Connect with Us on Social Media Facebook Instagram Youtube Read More

Community Colleges vs Private Colleges

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What are the different colleges in Canada?

Introduction Canada has become one of the most sought over study destinations in the world as it has become renowned for its high-quality education system. Thousands of international students’ flock to Canada every year to study in the country’s colleges. However, many are not aware of the different colleges in Canada. There are mainly two types of colleges in Canada: Community colleges and Private colleges. In this article, we aim to cover the major differences between these colleges. The different types of programs which colleges in Canada offer are: Post-secondary diplomas Post-secondary certificates Post-graduate diplomas or certificates (i.e. you are eligible only if you complete a higher education program first) Short-term training and crash courses Skills trades training (e.g. welding, plumbing, etc.) Prep courses for professional licences exams Bachelor’s degree programs (under the supervision or with the collaboration of a university) English as a Second Language (ESL) training French language training Community Colleges in Canada     The community colleges in Canada are financially support by the Canadian government. They may receive funds from the federal government or other sources. Since these colleges receive external funding, the fees is often lesser than other private institutes. Private Colleges in Canada Private colleges do not receive funds from the federal or provincial governments. They rely purely on tuition fees paid by students. Most provinces use rigorous procedures to accredit these colleges. Private colleges are usually smaller than community colleges and more expensive for local students. Private colleges in the province of Ontario are called Private Career Colleges (PCC) as they are focused on skills development for specific career opportunities. Major Differences Between Community and Private Colleges The following list compares community and private colleges from different angles for international students.   Tuition Deposit: Community colleges are usually cheaper options as compared to private colleges. However, for international student’s there’s not much difference between the tuition fees. Some private colleges are cheaper than a community colleges. Class sizes: The class sizes in private colleges are much less indicating more individual attention and personalized teaching facilities to students. Length of education: Many private colleges offer shorter programs than community colleges without compromising on the quality of education. This approach helps save student’s time. The shorter education time is a huge plus for international students who save considerable amounts on living and rental costs in Canada. Admission: It’s easier to get into a private college as they’re more eager to take students as compared to public colleges. Designation by the.....

Applying Study Permit inside Canada from a Visitor Visa Status (2020 updated)

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Applying Study Permit inside Canada from a Visitor Visa Status (2020 updated)

How COVID-19 is affecting applications to visit, work or study in Canada If you meet the criteria for the travel exemptions, there are changes to the application process. × Dismiss alert Can I Change my Visitor Visa to Study Permit in Canada? In this article I would like to tell you about who, under what circumstances and where can I apply for the change of status from “Visitor” into “Study Permit” or “Work Permit” without leaving Canada.   https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QgQXXg297UE Study Permit Holder’s Benefits  1. Spouse can apply a Spouse Work Permit , and later on your you will be eligible to apply post-graduation work permit for for 3 years. 2.. Your Children can attend public schools for free (primary and secondary schools) 3. Free Health Care for study permit holders. Same benefit as Canadian citizens, such as in BC, AB, and SK.  In Ontario and Manitoba provide free medical insurance to the entire family of applicants who is holding a spouse work permit. 4.. If you have lived in Canada for more than 18 months with a school or work permit,  if your children is under 18 years of age, you can receive Canada child benefit Previous Next FAQ’s Changing Visitor Visa to Study Permit Why you should apply Study Permit Inside Canada? Overseas Canadian visa offices/High Commissioner tend not to grant applicants who are over 25 years old, this makes Study Permit application outside of Canada it’s almost impossible for some people. In addition, certain overseas visa offices required applicants to submit IELTS with minimum 6 on each band and required you to prepaid one year tuition in advance in order to be eligible for SDS program.