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Language study abroad can be started in a short period of about two weeks, and
you can choose from various courses according to your purpose, such as general English, conversation-specific speaking courses, business English, and English for going on to university. Admission Hub provides consistent support from counseling to admission procedures.

6 things you can learn at a language school

General English

You can thoroughly learn basic English in a timetable of about 5 hours a day and about 25 hours a week.


By modifying the pronunciation of vowels and consonants peculiar to English, you can get closer to the native pronunciation.


Learn real English by learning raw English from a native teacher in a class that specializes in speaking.


You can learn the international English proficiency test "IELTS", which is accepted all over the world, from a local native teacher.

Business English

You can learn the words and expressions used in the business scene and start the first step to work in the international scene.


It is one of the means to go on to college / university, and you can acquire the English proficiency required to take classes. If you take this program, you will be guaranteed admission to college with an entrance test exemption.

Process up to admission

Admission Hub ™ provides solid support from consultation on choosing a school / course that suits you to admission!

You can leave it to us with confidence.

Weekly timetable for Full-time students

Example 1 (for General English Course Intensive Program)

Example 2 (for General English Course Learn First Program)

List of Language Schools

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