About Visas

A visa is a must for any entry into Canada. You cannot enter Canada without a visa. There are various types of visas, and the visas you obtain will differ depending on your travel purpose. First of all, let's check the type of visa that suits you in the table below!

Visa type

Tourism Status (eTA)

When entering Canada with a tourist visa, you need to apply for and obtain an electronic travel permit called eTA. eTA allows you to stay in Canada for 6 months, and you can also go sightseeing or attend a language school for programs within 6 months.

Student Visa (Student Permit)

A student visa is required for those who study at a language school in Canada for more than 6 months or attend college. Those who have entered the country with a tourist visa and those who will be attending a language school for more than 6 months will need to apply for a student visa. To apply for a student visa, you will need an admission permit issued by the school.

Co-op Visa

A co-op visa is a visa that you can apply for by enrolling in a school program that requires an internship. The co-op program has no age restrictions and is a popular program for those who cannot or have already obtained a Working Holiday Visa.

Work Visa

A work visa is a visa that you can apply for after completing a minimum of 8 months program at a college / university. You can apply for a three-year work visa after completing a two-year or longer program.

Working Holiday Visa

If you are from the selected countries, you can get a visa for one year between the ages of 18 and 30. You can attend a language school for 6 months within the period, or you can work while attending school. However, you can only get it once in your lifetime.

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