Study and Work in Canada

Would you like to Study and Work in Canada but you don't know where to start?

The enrollment in a Canadian College allows International Students to request the work and Study visa Permit. Let’s view together the requirements and the next steps to follow in order to apply for the visa:
  1. Choose a school and a program from one of the centers from the DLI list approved by the Canadian government.
  2. (Designated Lerning Institution List).
  3.  Fill in the program admission application of the chosen center.
  4. Wait for the Admission Letter from the chosen center. (LOA)
  5. Begin the visa process.
From the Admission Hub team we assist you throughout all the Visa process: Including the election of the School, the Election of the Program, the Admission Process and the Application. Our consultation, including assistance with the admissions process is completely FREE.

Private College or Public College?

Private College or Public College, What are the differences?

The main differences between public Colleges and Private Colleges are the variety and the length of the offered programs, as well as the chance to apply for a Work Permit after Graduation (PGWP). Some of the other factors that influence the election of the schools may be the long-term goals of the student, the costs of the program, the admission requirements, or the number of available spots that the program offers.


Private or Public Colleges count with excellent programs and with outstanding education quality. While Private Institutions require less investment and offer the student the possibility to work thanks to the Co-Program, Public Institutions require increased investment due to the wide range of courses and programs they offer and the increased number of hours spent in the classroom, in addition to helping you get the PGWP.

Would you like to apply to a program of the Public Institution, but do not meet the requirements or do not have the necessary financial funds?

Don’t worry! In fact, you should know that 82% of international students in Canada experience the same situation.

From Admission Hub we direct you to a Private Center that will allow you to transfer credits later to the Public Center of your choice. This will give you time and allow you to improve your level of English, obtain the necessary admission requirements and save to fund your studies.

Our Services - Admission Hub

Our specialty consists in the change of the visa: From the Tourist visa to the Study and Work permit. We also offer services such as Application for an initial study permit, Extension of the tourist visa, Obtaining the ETA, Obtaining the Study and Work Permit, Obtaining the Working Holiday Permit, Obtaining the Express Entry Permit, Obtaining the PGWP, LMIS and more. 

Admission Hub offers FREE assistance with the registration of a Language School, a Public/Private Institution or a University.

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