Working Holiday

Working Holiday is a system that allows young people aged 18 to 30 to go sightseeing, study, and work while staying in a country that has an agreement with Japan for a long time. Currently, 12 countries have agreements with Japan, including Canada, which allows you to stay for one year. You can apply for one country only once in your lifetime, but you can stay while working, so you can stay in Canada with less money than studying abroad.

2022 Working Holiday Program Overview

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Visa period
1 year
Number of applicants
6,500 applicants
School period
Up to 6 months
Employment restrictions
There is no limit to the working period as long it is within the visa period
Application fee
(Program entry fee $153 + Open Work permit $100 + Biometrics $85)

6 Reasons to Choose Working Holiday

You can stay for a long time

A Working Holiday Visa allows you to stay in Canada for up to a year.

You can go to school without a student visa

You can go to school for up to 6 months without applying for a student visa.

Save money

You can stay while working for a year, so you can travel at a low cost.

Get in touch with the culture of other countries

A Working Holiday Visa allows you to stay for up to a year.

Gain work experience using English

Working with local Canadians can improve your English proficiency.

Enjoy your homestay

At homestay, you can experience the lifestyle of local Canadians.

1. You can stay in Canada for up to a year.

2. You can go to school for up to 6 months without applying for a student visa.

3. You can improve your English by working with local Canadians.

4. You will be exposed to cultures such as schooling, working and sightseeing.

5. You can stay while working for one year, so you can travel at a low cost.

6. At homestay, you can experience the lifestyle of local Canadians.

Conditions of application

You can apply for Working Holiday only once in your life, and you must meet the following conditions to participate.
Let’s check carefully before applying!

Works that can be done during the Working Holiday period

Popular jobs during the working holiday period are cafes, Japanese restaurants and shop clerks. Hotel reception staff and tour guides are also popular. The better your English, the wider your range of work and the more opportunities you have to work with local Canadians.



Shop Clerk

Hotel Front

Tour Guide


Roughly speaking, the application method as of 2022 can be divided into three stages: profile creation → visa application → fingerprint registration (biometrics). You can create your profile and apply for a visa online. (The application method is subject to change, so check back from time to time on the Government of Canada website )

Creating a Profile

You will receive a personal reference code by answering a question called the Come to Canada questionnaire. Use that code to create an IRCC account and register your profile. Please note that if you do not complete your profile registration within 60 days of creating your account, it will expire and you will have to start over!

Receive an invitation

Once you have registered your profile, you will receive an invitation to apply for a visa. You must decide whether to accept the invitation within 10 days of receiving it. Please note that after the deadline, you will have to start over from creating your profile.

Accepted invitation / application

Once you have decided whether or not to accept the invitation, it is finally time to apply. You must complete the invitation within 20 days of receiving it. For example, if you accept an invitation at 7:25 pm UTC (Coordinated Universal Time), you must complete your application 20 days later, before 7:25 UTC hours (the time difference between Japan and UTC is -9 hours). Make sure you have all the documentation and application fee ($ 153) and check for any omissions!

Receive a biometric instruction (BIL) and register your fingerprint

After paying the application fee and completing the application, you will receive a biometrics certificate (Biometrics Certification Letter: BIL) within 24 hours. Bring the letter and go directly to the Canada Visa Center within 30 days to register your fingerprint (Tokyo / Osaka). 

You will receive a Working Holiday Visa Permit

You can extend your stay by switching from a Working Holiday to a Student Visa (Student Permit) while you are in Canada. Recommended for those who want to work during the working holiday period to save money and go on to college or university after the working holiday. It takes 4 to 8 weeks to switch, but it may take longer depending on the time, so it is recommended to prepare with plenty of time. Applications must be submitted at least 30 days before the visa expires. In addition, the school permit cannot be extended beyond the expiration date of the passport.

Student Visa switching application procedure

Create / log in GCKey

Please log in with your GC Key from the IRCC Secure Account page on the Government of Canada website.

Start Visa application process online

After logging in, we will answer each question one by one. Please read and prepare the Instruction Guide in advance.

Upload the required documents

After answering the questions, upload the required documents. Take a close look at the document checklist that will be issued after you fill out the form and make sure you don’t make a mistake.

Pay the application fee

You need a valid debit or credit card to pay the application fee. The application fee is $ 150.

Issuance of student visas

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