Western Town College

About WTC

Western Town College’s (WTC) brand new campus is located in midtown Toronto, two blocks east of the Eglinton subway station, steps away from the popular intersection of Yonge and Eglinton. WTC is conveniently located, with access to shops, restaurants, a movie theatre, trendy coffee shops, and a shopping mall.

WTC offers a diverse selection of classes to not only improve your English language ability, but also enjoy your learning experience! We pride ourselves on our great teachers who engage and energize their classes with their unique personalities and imaginative lessons.

Why Western Town College

Western Town College promises you:

  1. Quality education
  2. Qualified, experienced, and dedicated teachers
  3. Supportive staff and administrators
  4. Broad range of courses
  5. Strictly enforced on-site “English Only Policy”


Campus Location

150 Eglinton Ave East, 7th Floor

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Recommended Programs

TESL vocational school, CCLCS is an English teaching law qualification program that partnered with CCLCS. As for the course of this course, it is mandatory to go to school by WTC for 16 weeks and to complete ESL 6, and you will receive a writing and interview as a CCLCS entrance examination before you start taking classes.

The most popular program at WTC. In the lesson, we will discuss broad topics from current affairs story to politics and history. By repeatedly discussing with classmates, the practice of thinking in English how to understand the other party will follow. Also, listening to the opinions of multinational classmates with various backgrounds will be a catalyst for broadening their own values ​​and ways of thinking. The teacher explains easily the difficult words that came out during the lesson. It is a perfect program for “serious” people who want to be able to speak equally even with native speakers.

A program with a dynamic feeling that classes advance at the same level as native speakers. As each of the topics checks whether or not all the teachers understand it, you can question and confirm until you can be satisfied with confidence without leaving it. Recommended for those who want to talk more and speak quickly!