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CANADORE COLLEGE TORONTO | Enroll for 2021 Admissions

Canadore College 2021 Admissions : Entry Requirements, Deadlines, Application Process Contact Us for Admissions About Canadore College Toronto Campus Canadore College in Toronto is a Designated Learning Institution founded in 1967. They have 8 campuses in popular locations across Ontario. Canadore offers more than 65 full-time post-secondary programs and also part-time programs. It takes pride in providing the best possible infrastructure and environment for student learning. Their focus is on student success, program and service excellence, community activities, sustainability and innovation. The college graduates approximately 1,000 students each year and has over 40,000 alumni https://youtu.be/nyJjmthwQf8 Admission Start Date Canadore College offers applications for its  graduate and undergraduate programs for international students.  Applications are under taken within 4-5 months in advance, applicants should note that its better to apply as soon as possible for better opportunity. Though there are  fixed deadlines, however, the institute does observe certain early consideration deadlines which are as mentioned below. Canadore College Start Dates:Fall :September 1 Summer: May 1 Winter : January 1 Previous Next Why apply to Canadore through Admission Hub? No IELTS required Canadore College Toronto Campus Admission Details : Document Submission Email College@admhub.ca Application Fee : $100 CAD Contact Admission Hub for FREE application fee Basic Requirements   Academics  10th 12th onwards Degree / Diploma Certificate Transcripts  Passport Copy  English Proficiency Test  IELTS/ TOEFL/ESL/DUOLINGO Work Experience  Work Experience Letter Copy of Study Permit Letter Of Acceptance(LOA)   Official /Unofficial Transcripts  Letter of Enrollment of Current School Processing Fee + Application Fee Please Transfer to payment@admhub.ca Programs Available in Canadore College Toronto Campus: Business : Full-Time Ontario College Diploma Program Duration – 2 Years Start Date – January 2021 Campus – Mississauga, Scarborough, Brampton Business Management : Full-Time Ontario Graduate Certificate Program Duration – 1 Year Start Date – January 2021 Campus – Mississauga, Scarborough, Brampton Business Accounting : Full-Time Ontario College Diploma Program Duration – 2 Years Start Date – January 2021 Campus – Mississauga, Brampton Supply Chain Management : Full-Time Ontario College Graduate Certificate Program Duration – 1 Year Start Date -January 2021 Campus – Mississauga, Scarborough, Brampton Public Relations : Full-Time Undergraduate Diploma Program Duration – 2 Years including a 7 week work placement Start Date – January 2021 Campus – Scarborough Human Resource Management : Full-Time PostGraduate Certificate Program Duration – 1 Year Start Date – September 2020 Campus – Mississauga, Scarborough Mechanical Engineering – Technician : Full – Time Ontario.....

IRCC announces a huge change in study and work visa for fall 2020

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IRCC announces a huge change in study and work visa for fall 2020 .

International students starting school this fall, can take online classes from their home country and still be eligible for a Post-Graduation Work Permit after coming to Canada| IRCC. IRCC has announced a huge change in the eligibility criteria for Post-Graduation Work Permit (PGWP) for students who want to study in Canada in fall 2020.  To be eligible. students must have completed a full-time program (minimum 8 months) in a designated learning institute (DLI). The length of the PGWP will be the resulting length of their study in Canada. Students are allowed to begin their program remotely in fall 2020 and still be eligible for PGWP in Canada, confirms IRCC. According to the general eligibility criteria for PGWP, online classes are not considered to fulfill study requirements. But, the current COVID-19 pandemic bringing the whole world to a standstill has led to a reform in the PGWP. Looking at the current travel restrictions, IRCC has declared that international students outside Canada wanting to start school this fall can take classes online from the home country. IRCC announced this reform for fall 2020, on May 14, 2020 .  Online classes will not affect PGWP: Classes moved online due to COVID-19.  If the student holds an approved study permit, but unable to travel in spring/summer/ fall due to COVID-19, they are still eligible for PGWP. If you’re in this situation, Take classes online while outside Canada Complete up to 50% of your program while outside Canada, if unable to travel sooner. As declared by IRCC,students who start their studies in Fall 2020, will remain eligible for PGWP equal to the length of their studies. Students authorized to work: Can continue to work even if COVID-19 has forced them to be a part-time student or take a break in studies Allowed to work up to 20 hours per week during an academic session and full-time during scheduled breaks. International providing essential service: Are temporarily allowed to work more than 20 hours. if has a valid study permit eligible to work off-campus providing an essential service. However, this change is in effect until August 31, 2020, as stated by IRCC Please free to contact us here if you need any further information. We have a team of experts to help the needs of international students in Canada. Talk to our Admission Advisor Simran 647-264-0522 Official ADM WhatsApp Admission Hub – Canada’s leading Education & Visa.....

Montreal as a study destination

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Why studying in Montreal is a great idea?

6 Reasons why Montreal is an ideal study destination: So you’ve decided that you want to study in Canada. What is next? Well, you have to narrow down your options even further  to select the city to study. While there are many wonderful cities both small and large in the country, studying in Montreal has definitely been one of the top contenders. 1. Vibrant Student Life Montréal blends all the good things in North America with the beauty and culture found in Europe. It’s known for its laid back yet vibrant lifestyle, unique and creative industries, nightlife and café culture.   Students can choose to stroll down narrow cobblestone roads in Old Montréal, or explore modern, high-tech buildings in the downtown core. Montréal draws inspiration from many things making it a very eclectic city. All of these factors combined with the friendliness and diversity of the city make Montréal very attractive to not only international students, but also Canadian students. As a result, Montréal has one of the largest student population in the world. 2. Affordable Housing Finding a place to live in your own city can be a challenge, let alone in a foreign one. You’re likely unsure of what the standard cost is, what locations are best, what is included, the list goes on. One thing to note is, student accommodation in Montréal is very affordable. In fact, the city is one of the most affordable to live in all of Canada. One key reason students enjoy it so much. Similar to most cases, the further you live from the downtown core, the cheaper your accommodations will be.    However it is possible to find affordable housing near your host school. Often times, schools are affiliated with housing companies and help students find a home or housemates. If you plan to search the web, here are a few guidelines to help you with your house hunt. 3. Stress-free Transportation Montréal, being a medium-sized city with just enough urban space to balance out the green space, has a simple transportation system. The Société de transport de Montréal (STM) is the local network of trains and buses that take students anywhere they need to go in the city.   Even if you face a difficulty, locals are very friendly and are always happy to help. What’s nice about Montréal is due to its high number of students, the STM offers a lower monthly fee to students.....